Emmy Michelle

Questions?  Please read through this FAQ to learn the answers to many common questions. 


Do you see couples??

I absolutely love meeting couples.  I am attracted to both men and women.  I start with a two hour minimum so we can all have enough time to get to know one another.  Adding some spice to your relationship is very important.  If you need any suggestions on how I can help, please let me know in my quick booking form. 

Will you travel to come see me?

Yes, I love to travel and have always loved expanding my horizons.  Antarctica, Scandinavia, Narnia, Portugal, Turkey, and Israel are on my bucket list.  A 24-hour minimum booking is required for all international travel.  For travel within the continental U.S., there is a 6-hour minimum booking.  If the booking is less than 24-hours, you are responsible for my four to five star accommodation.  I fly domestic first class and international business or first class.  Airfare and hotel are in addition to my consideration.  a fifty percent deposit applies to all extended bookings paid within one week of our rendezvous.  Once you have completed my booking form, we will discuss arrangements for discrete deposit.  I accept crypto, Pay-Pal, usd, eur, chf, gbp, and Tesla roadster as deposit. 

Why haven't you replied to my booking form or e-mail?

Please understand that we live in a busy world.  I do not respond to one line emails "hey", "you around?" "where u at?".  Your initial email/text will direct you to my website.  The purpose of my website is to tell you about myself, my location, and availability , tour schedule, rates, wishlist, and booking form.  The manner in which you communicate greatly influences my decision to spend my time with you.  Vulgar, lewd and lascivious communications will be ignored.  Please read my website.  I can't tell you how frustrating it is to answer questions that are clearly answered on my social media, website, and expensive advertising.....(apparently I am dedicating an entire paragraph to the people who will never read this lol.)

I don't want to fill out the quick booking form...but I want to meet you.  Do I have to?  I know that I am a complete stranger, I promise i'm normal?  

As your secret friend, I completely understand your need for discretion.  I will not discuss any details pertaining to our meetings or communications to anyone, ever.  For mobile communications, I prefer signal messenger, which uses end to end encryption and has a self destructing timer for messages.

Screening is mandatory.  All screening information is promptly deleted after it has served its purpose.

There is no need to be shy.  Please fill out the short booking form on my website.  It is quick and easy and will gather all of the pertinent info to plan our date.  Flexible with your schedule?  Please note that in your booking form.  Not sure what to write?  It’s  better to ask acceptable questions in your initial booking form and keep all screening information in one easily referenced...and deleted e-mail.  I will ask for you to  send a selfie holding ID if you cannot provide sufficient employment verification.  Please do not wear a hat, glasses, or obscure your name/dob.  This request is to set my mind at ease when all other options have been exhausted.  If you are not willing to provide me with the requested information, I will not feel comfortable meeting you.  Please  understand this and do not persist, it's creepy.

What's and example of an initial email sent by a  Dream Client?   

Please feel free to copy and paste this template for use in your primary contact e-mail! I will be very impressed if you follow some version of this.

 Emmy Michelle,

  My name is ((full name)) , I am ((  #  )) year old, ((physical description, use adjectives, share occupation and home town)).  I came across your profile on ((  ad source?/  reference?/Twitter?/mailing list? )).  I am traveling to ((city listed on your ad))  from  (( my resident city)) and it looks like you will be there too.   Are you available for ((in-call / outcall at  include your  hotel name address ((check providers outcall date requirements) ))     at  ((duration, date, time of desired appointment ))?  I am also available at  ((alternate time/date/duration)). It goes without saying that I will take care of your  transportation to and from my hotel   (( let her know you will Uber plus or add $$$ appropriate donation)).   About me,  I work in the ((insert occupation ))  industry and constantly travel to(( cities frequent)), I noticed your tour there too.  I am a ((describe your personality  and hobbies , countries visited, anything else to make yourself less of a stranger )) .  After reading your website, I would really like to meet you.

  My P411 Member Number is :  ((member-00-0A-9484.))  I have ((## )) OKs less than 9 months old.

   I don't have P411.  My established provider references are listed below:

-((Provider 1, date of last visit, city, email, and website URL ))          

-((Provider 2, date of last visit, city, email, and website URL )) 

   Provider #2 mentioned that she will be on vacation and might not respond in time.   I  will be unable to check my email as I am presenting at the convention all day.  Attached is   ((a selfie of me holding ID and convention name badge/or room key with name/or health insurance card/ or passport so you can verify me)) .   My LinkedIn is  ((www.linkedin.com/)) .  Anything else you need just text me at   (( 000-000-0000 )) it's ((communication preferences for the phone # and email  )). 

    I really like ((  wardrobe request? ,  no scented lotions?,  duo?,  other important details? I will not foolishly unlawful acts to a professional model-companion. ))                                                        

 See you soon!  -  Dream Client ((000-000-0000))


****Put yourself in my shoes.  Would you rather see “Joe, 43, white, ###-###-#### , tonight?, rates?, u round?.......or Mr. Dream Client?  Please FEEL FREE to use this template.  You too can become a Dream Client!******

What should I do to prepare for our date?

I take great pride in my appearance and have impeccable hygiene.  I expect you to be freshly showered, well groomed, and have minty fresh breath for our meeting.  As my new friend, you are more than welcome to use my shower.  I have toiletries and other necessities at your disposal.

If you would like to bring an additional gift, libation, or have any questions about my favorite cuisines, lingerie, current obsessions, please refer to my wishlist for more info.  

Please ask if my schedule permits for an in-date extension and present my additional donation at the start of our extended time.  I cannot be responsible for account set up and login issues with your personal accounts.  Please understand this. I am more than happy to help speed up the process and offer creative suggestions. 

 How shall I present your gift?

Please have my donation in an unsealed envelope, or gift bag.  When meeting in private, leave it on the restroom counter and I will excuse myself.  When meeting in public, please present it to me in a gift bag or card within the first 5 minutes of meeting.  Please, never make mention of it or forget make me ask for it, it ruins the mood.

If you plan on extending, please check with me first and have the additional donation ready when our new time has started.  Once all of that is out of the way, we can continue enjoying ourselves.  I cannot be responsible for the time it takes to regain access, setup, or solve other account problems.  Please understand this.  i will most certainly help expedite the process and offer creative solutions.

I am very paranoid, I am married and do not feel comfortable sharing my name, employer and other screening info.  I could loose a lot by just sending that out there.  

First of all, relax!  As your secret friend, I completely understand your need for discretion.  I will not discuss ANY details pertaining to our meetings or communications to anyone, EVER.  Please feel free to send an email with a self destructing timer.

ALL screening information is promptly deleted after it has served its purpose.

ALL new friends must make me feel comfortable by answering my screening questions.  I value my time and safety.  If I cannot find out who you are from my screening process and you refuse to set my mind at ease by sending the requested information, we will not be a good fit.  If you exhibit ANY overly paranoid or standoffish behavior, I will automatically assume that you have a collection of dead bodies in your basement.


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