Emmy Michelle

Questions?  Please read through this FAQ to learn the answers to many common questions. 

Do you see couples?

I absolutely love meeting couples.  I am attracted to both men and women.  There is a two hour minimum so we can all have enough time to get to know one another. . 

Will you travel to come see me?

Yes, I love to travel and love expanding my horizons. 

A 24-hour minimum booking is required for all international travel.  For travel within the continental U.S., there is a 6-hour minimum booking.

A 50% deposit (Bitcoin/PayPal) applies to all extended bookings paid within one week of our rendezvous.   First or business class airfare and hotel are in addition to my consideration.   I will book my own flights once the deposit has been received. 

Date minimums and new friends:

New friends -   When meeting for the first time, there is a 90 minute minimum, two hours is preferred.  I like for things to unfold naturally.  I am not a clock watcher.  When scheduling a date, a 25% non-refundable deposit is required to secure our time together.  Doing so, shows me that you are genuinely interested in spending time with me and not just "shopping around" .  The deposit can be taken care of via Bitcoin, Western Union, FedEX certified mail, Paypal, or e-gift card. The aforementioned cancellation policy also applies. Upon establishing yourself as a sincere suitor, future deposits may be waived, at my discretion. 

While hour dates are listed on my website, they are rarely requested.  You must be an existing client to be eligible for a one hour date.

If the length of date below my minimums is not listed on my website, it does not exist.  Do not email me asking for things that don't exist.  If you are short on time, you can always leave when ever you need to, I will not hold you against your will.

What should I do to prepare for our date?

I take great pride in my appearance and have impeccable hygiene.  I expect you to be freshly showered, well groomed, and have minty fresh breath for our meeting.  As my new friend, you are more than welcome to use my shower.  I have toiletries and other necessities at your disposal.

If you would like to bring an additional gift, libation, or have any questions about my favorite cuisines, lingerie, current obsessions, please refer to my wishlist for more info.  

Please ask if my schedule permits for an in-date extension and present my additional donation at the start of our extended time.  I cannot be responsible for the time it might take you to set up your account account or  login issues you might be having with your personal accounts.  Please understand this. I am more than happy to help speed up the process and offer creative suggestions. 

When coming to me, please text me when you are 10 min away.  If the hotel has key-card access elevators, please TEXT me a quick selfie or send me your physical description so I can know who I will be looking for.

How shall I present your gift?

Please have my donation in an unsealed envelope, or gift bag.  When meeting in private, leave it on the restroom counter and I will excuse myself.  When meeting in public, please present it to me in a gift bag or card within the first 5 minutes of meeting.  Please, never make mention of it or make me ask for it, it ruins the mood.

If you plan on extending, please check with me first and have the additional donation ready.  

How will you be dressed?

I will always be dressed appropriately when we meet.  I have an extensive wardrobe that includes everything from couture ballgowns to cowboy boots and jeans  My skin is free of tattoos and I prefer light makeup and classic manicures. 

It is very helpful to send me a photo before our date so I can match your style as much as possible if we are going out in public.   When meeting at my hotel, please let me know what you are wearing (be specific) so I know who I will be looking for.  

What is your cancellation policy?

I understand that sometimes life can be unpredictable, leading to the need to cancel appointments.The following policy is in effect for appointment cancellations:

 72-24 hours of planned engagement = 50% cancelation fee
 24-12 hours of planned engagement = 75% cancelation fee
 12 hours - no show = 100% cancelation fee + automatic blacklist if not taken care of within 48 hrs.

This fee should be taken care of via Western Union, Bitcoin, Cash, e-gift card, and various other options.
Learn about Opportunity Cost...HERE.  

Failure to take care of your cancelation will resort in blacklisting.  Myself and the other witches take this list very seriously...so does Santa...Dr. Dreidel...Gefilte FRESH...and many others... 
If you would ever like to see me after you have been blacklisted.  Be prepared to make a $2499.00 donation to the charity of my choosing.