Emmy Michelle

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 Use this contact form to send a request. Out of respect for both of our time, please make your email informative and to-the-point. I choose my clients carefully and the manner in which you contact me is paramount as to whether I will choose to see you. Not sure what to write? It's great to start with a hello, a name and your age, when you would potentially like to get together and anything else in particular you'd like to ask. If there is any particular aspect of the booking which is of particular importance to you (BSDM, role-play, duo, dinner date, fly me to you), please don't hesitate to mention it. The more I know about you, the better I can meet your needs.


I am available by appointment and from 9am-late.  Same day bookings are subject to availability and the quality of information in your booking request.  If you would like a same day appointment, do not ask "hey, you avail?".  I understand that your IQ may temporarily be lowered, as blood is pumping to other parts of your body.  Be smart, Include things I will need to know sooner or later such as:

  - Your full name:

  - Age:

  - Where do you live/travel often:

  - 2 Established provider references (names, websites, email addresses):

       - OR - 

  - Occupation, link to your LinkedIn profile, and a blank email from your company email address:

    - AND-

  - The location (my place, or yours), time, date, length of date:

By providing me with this information up front, you have just eliminated about 8 back and forth emails and cut down on about 24 hours of time it would take to respond.

If our schedules do not sync, I will still go ahead and verify you.  All personally identifiable information will promptly be deleted and you will be free to make a date in the future by simply providing me with the location, time/date/length of desired appointment.  

Please keep in mind that it is much easier to screen you when I am not touring as I have more free time.

*I welcome P411 members.  Please request an appointment via P411.