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I'm available for bookings 7 days a week. Use the contact form above to send an email. Out of respect for both of our time, please make your email informative and to-the-point. I choose my clients carefully and the manner of your contact is paramount as to whether I will choose to see you. Not sure what to write? It's great to start with a hello, a name and your age, when you would potentially like to get together and anything else in particular you'd like to ask. If there is any particular aspect of the booking which is of particular importance to you, please don't hesitate to mention it. The more I know about you, the better I can meet your needs.


I'm always friendly, polite and respectful when communicating and I expect the same in return. There's no need to be nervous, feel free to ask or suggest anything on your mind. There's no such thing as a wrong request, and if you have any concerns or feel strongly about any particular aspect of our time spent together, please let me know so I can make sure we are both completely satisfied.   In some cases there may be additional donations required for certain fantasies. The more we know about each other and what we both want, the more enjoyable the experience. I always practice absolute discretion and expect you to do the same.

We will arrange for a phone call at a mutually convenient time once a booking has been made.

My assistant is there to help with e-mails when I get too busy.  The secure booking form on my site is the best way to get verification started.  


*I also accept P411 and TER whitelist as part of screening process, in addition to the two references requested above.

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