Emmy Michelle

Hello Handsome,

      I am excited that you have clicked on my page, this is the first step in our adventure.  I aspire to be your dream girl, our time together will be an intoxicating mix of passionate flirtation, sensual touch, and unbridled desire.  My mind and body are extremely flexible as a result of practicing yoga which helps me bring a more intimate connection with the world as a whole.  

     You will find me easy to talk to because I am educated, well read, a world traveler, and an all around sapiosexual.  TED talks, The Economist, ancient history, and intellectually stimulating conversations are my weakness.  You are hearby forewarned ;) 

     Upon meeting me you will find that I extremely easy to get along with I am as comfortable at a Michelin star restaurant as I am at a comedy show.  To put a cherry on top.....I am also an extreme lingerie fetishist and serial pleaser.  I can be submissive but am also not afraid to take over.  Sensuality entices me.      

       Physically, mentally, or emotionally attracted to someone, I build a deep connection and feel at ease with that special someone. I can fully enjoy an intimate liaison, be it for a few hours, or a few days.   I understand that your happiness and satisfaction are paramount and I will make the most of our time spent together. 

XOXO - Emmy Michelle

What Do I Look Like?

height: 5'5"
weight: 120
dress size: US 2, IT 38
cup size: 32DD
hair: medium blonde hair
skin: naturally tanned
eyes: light blue

  Please visit my wishlist page for links to my favorite restaurants, beverages, charity, and apparel.